Vasilitsa ski resort

IMG_5317It is always this time of the year when the anticipation for snow hits the ceiling. After the usual torrential rains of late autumn people are gagging for some dry winter weather – and I guess snowy weather can be regarded as such.

A company of two couples – one in the age range of 40 and the other in the age range of 2 – set off on a splendid Sunday morning for a … white day.




Vasilitsa ski resort is about 40 kms away from the city of Grevena, which is around 1.30 and 5.30 hours drive from Thessaloniki and Athens respectively.

Grevena, the city and the prefecture, is considered one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in Greece. The area is mountainous and is home to one of the largest – if not the largest – National Park in Greece up in the Pindos Mountains, called Valia Kalda. Among other things, the area is also known for the wild mushrooms and of course the famous ski resort.





The sun was already high up in the blue sky which was a marvel looking at. It was a joyful drive looking at the nature painted with the autumn colors. Everything seemed like a painter’s canvass. After the junction at FIlipaious snow could be seen on the roads’ side or on shady places. It was only after Smiksi, the last village before Vasilitsa, that everything was covered with snow – apart from the main road.

Once up in the mountain one could not help but look around in awe. Not many times can one marvel in 360 degrees all mountains surrounding Vasilitsa, even far away. The mountain of the Gods, Mt Olympos (2917 Height) could be seen clearly. On another visit I was told that in super clear conditions Mt Athos (2033 height) could be seen from Vasilitsa, at a distance of over 200 Kms.






We spent almost 4 hours in the resort. Although skiing is the prime thing to do when in a ski resort we only managed, courtesy of the small kids, half an hour with a sedge going down the slopes.

The rest of the time we performed tasks that probably consumed the minimum calories one can burn when in a ski resort.

We sipped slowly our black coffee enjoying the view and the skiers going down the slopes on their skies and snowboards.
We let the sun rays burn our face as if we were on a summer beach
We lied flat on the snow and looked to the skies marveling the exquisite cloud-free blue of the skies and the white of the snow colors.
We marveled the planes crossing like spears the skies above.



It was 15.00 when we decided to call it a day. On our way back we just kept talking about this simple yet nice and intriguing experience that got us prepared for the main skiing period that is supposed to start in less than a month.

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