Road trip to Central-South Europe with kids. 15 days, 5 countries, 3000Kms

This time of the year when one starts to plan his summer vacation is here again! However, this year we have raised the stakes. Last year we performed a 10-day road trip in Central Mainland Greece and this year we ought to match it with something better. Nothing less than 10 days and nothing less than … Greece?

Well, kids are at the perfect age, we are at the age before…. we get bored, the Covid “era” has almost ended (or to put it differently – the coming summer it will be in the lowest point for the past 3 years) and the planets are aligned in order to embark for the big trip! A road trip to Central/South Europe.

Actually, this was not a new idea. After finishing the Greece road trip (as always, when one finishes a trip one must immediately start pre-planning the next one), the idea was dropped to make a road trip to Europe.

So for the past 6 months, a pre-planning process was executed to assess destinations, costs, options, risks, preferences, and dates. Six months. Lightly though.

The outcome?

A road trip to possibly some of the most interesting parts of Central/South Europe. 15 days. 5 countries (we might just cross the Austrian border and have a quick coffee – and YES Liechtenstein is a country!). Numerous destinations. Cities and countryside. Diving into the seas or climbing the Alps! 3000Kms! Great food!

The itinerary is slightly … cramped so only the first 1/3 of the trip will be pre-booked in order to have the rest of the trip open and execute it on the go – as it evolves!

The map is a feast for the eyes! Enjoy!

Road trip to Central-South Europe with kids


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