Why this blog

This is a blog for travel…

… but travel not as the process of going somewhere far or returning from somewhere even further, but travel as a more abstract, yet meaningful part of our lives – even though many a times we do not consider it as such. Because the best travel is not essentially just the furthest physical movement on this earth.

In this blog we wish to just faintly start sketching and describing our perpetual journeys – not just our real journeys e.g. trips to the four corners of our globe, but also our fictional journeys that are the distillation and purification of memories of many years of past travel (sic) journeys.

We wish to share – narrate – stories not just about places on this globe, but about us, travellers, being part of and interacting and communicating with those places we visit even though we may spend just a couple of days at a certain destination.

We wish to explore new grounds in our personal or collective travel quests and push travel boundaries and see travel as a thing with much more essence that most of us believe.

We wish to open our hearts and minds and cherish what travel wholeheartedly has to offer.

We wish to talk about past experiences and future trends and we may throw in some practical travel advice although we do not intend to get too much technical. Sometimes though, we may – we will – get a bit more philosophical

We wish – and would be happy – to open your appetite and let your saliva run and your heart beat fast when thinking about your next journey – just like a hungry lion aiming for a small gazelle.

Travel conveys passion, travel is passion and is an inspiration to learn more about the four corners of our world, but while doing so the main goal is to turn the attention back to our selves, learn about us and become better people.

We don’t wish to describe everything. We wish to tell a short story and let the rest spring out from there. The story may be just a line, just a photo, just a paragraph – yet enough to get us thinking. You see, even the simplest story with just a few lines can hide and let spring from it more emotions than a dozen of books can.

After all travel wishes to make us global citizens. Realise that there is a world out there populated by people that are so different, but at the same time so similar to us, aiming for a common goal. Live our lives on this world in the best and most sustainable way for us and for the future generations.


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