Sentosa Island – A must-see attraction in Singapore while on a stop-and-go on the way back from Australia

On the way back to London, after a great, exquisite, superb, beautiful 3-week stay Down Under, i was to make a stop-over in Singapore.






I had decided that i could stay overnight and spend less than 24 hours to check a place i had never seen before.

One of the things i did, and i wholeheartedly suggest you do if you are in the area, is visit Sentosa Island.








Sentosa in terms of geography is an island but if strike out the geography aspect, you can call it an island resort, children’s playground, recreational area, summer resort for swimming (although summer if probably not the right word designated for a place almost touching the equator ), a golf resort, a haven for nature lovers. Basically, if you decide to call it whatever you want you wont be far from reality and from what the island can offer.

The best way, by far, to get there is the cable car. Once there you can use walking, buses or the Sentosa express (which replaced the humble but old Sentosa monorail) to navigate around.

It terms of things to do, just pick in random any of the things your guide suggests and you are bound to have a great time and keep you and your family busy for many hours or days!





One thing not to miss is Tanjong beach. Back in 2005 and just before leaving Sentosa Island to pick my stuff from the hotel and catch my flight back to London, I decided that THE final beer of my once-in-a-life-time trip to Australia was a cold beer, or maybe two (!) in Tanjong beach.






I took out my packet of cigarettes and enjoyed the process of inhaling dangerous gases into my lungs, which luckily I have stopped for some years now. I did, though, enjoy thoroughly the moment. I ordered a couple of pints of beer, relaxed on my seat and enjoyed the view of the sips moving slowly into the horizon from east to west, from west to the east.

I imagined further South the huge mass of … earth – which is also known as the country of Australia – and for the next 40 minutes I did a quick recap of my three weeks there. I omitted important things but also highlighted details. I thought of the superb 9 dives in the Great Barrier Reef of the coast of Cairns, of the three day camping in Fraser Island of the great nights and days in Sydney and the sentimental stay in Melbourne.

I decided this was the best way to finish my trip. I looked around and realised that this was probably one of the last times I was visiting Asia. An area I truly loved over those past years (visiting mainly Korea, Japan and China). Indeed after that trip I visited just once Tokyo and that was it.

I sipped the last drops of my then-warm beer, exhaled with a big psychological sigh the final dangerous gases in Sentosa Island and made my way to my next destination.




If you are flying to or back from Australia or if you are just visiting Singapore, do try Sentosa Island. You will be rewarded plentifully

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