Scotland and the Highlands – Part 1


A trip to Scotland is a virtual trip to one’s hidden and innermost feelings.

Loneliness, solitude, sadness, self-healing

Feelings that one feels when one walks and wanders in the Highlands – in those remote and barren lands away from what we call “civilisation”. No wonder why after my first road trip there I truly believe one must execute a trip there not in the summer but in Autumn when the endless drizzle has soaked the ground with water and the grass cannot get any more greener.

Feelings one feels when watching films shot in those lands like Braveheart or Breaking the Waves which I sadly have to confess that only on the second time I watched I truly loved it!

Years ago the gang from International Hall took a road trip to those lands. Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Sky, Glasgow. Those photos are negatives I lately scanned and vividly (!) portray, through a unique simplicity, the atmosphere and vibes we all felt when there. That is why you are not going to find photos with too much in them.

PS. The higlight still is Neist Point.











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