Thessaloniki Chocolate Museum – A kids’ attraction


We had missed the opportunity some months ago to visit the Chocolate Museum in Brussels, but we were given another opportunity to visit another one back home!

On a windy Saturday we parked the car on a small parking overlooking the Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and walked to the Chocolate Museum which was planned to stay within the grounds of the International Thessaloniki Fair until early spring.




It was a chance for the young kids to enjoy an hour of free time while enjoying some pieces of chocolate (not that they don’t do on an almost daily basis!)

After we paid our tickets we were greeted by a friendly, bubbly girl that introduced us to the history of the making of the chocolate.


Then we proceed in a room that replicated a South American jungle and then watched a funny small video again about the chocolate and how it was introduced to Europe.

We then proceeded to 3-4 small rooms that different parts of the chocolate making process were presented while we were offered, again-what else?, small pieces of chocolate.





We then spent another 15 minutes watching a really funny, crazy scientist making funny experiments. He was really crazy and of course the kids really loved him!

There was also a small play room that groups of kids were playing small games.

Before the end, we saw a rather for-grown-ups targeted room with paintings and creations solely by chocolate (e.g. chess, backgammon, the White tower of Thessaloniki,…even Guernika) and then after going through a small maze surrounded by small replicas of our planet system we checked a colourful set of mushrooms and chocolate.



Just before the exit we ordered our kids expandable memorabilia – sweets!

All in all we spent more than an hour in the Chocolate Museum.




We proceed then for a nice lunch next to the White Tower and ended the first part of our Saturday excursion. The second part would be executed in the evening when the Half Marathon race took place in the Thessaloniki promenade.


The Chocolate Museum was not something spectacular. It was not Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Still, it was a nice humble effort to present to kinds something that has never been done in Thessaloniki! It was a chance to enjoy a new experience and make a normal Saturday, a Saturday always remember.


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