My new camera for capturing travel moments. A Nikon D3200


It was a year ago that the idea had stuck into my mind to get a new camera. I did a bit of search and research, I asked friends but in the end, as I had not thought about the whole project … professionally, I dropped the idea.

..until 15 days ago. I decided that if I needed to bring my blog and photography skills to another level, after all a camera is still THE only efficient thing that one can use to capture life  –  video consumes too much space and experience recording (as I had read it in a British Telecom white paper about 10 years ago) is still in blue sky research level, a new camera seemed the only wise thing to invest in.

I was surprised that within a week of proper evaluation process I managed, courtesy of simple criteria I had set, to nail down to just one option of a camera I would purchase. That was Nikon D3200.

I wanted an entry level DSLR around 400 Euros. I wanted something of an established name in the market (Canon, Nikon), a model that is relatively new and takes also good photographs outdoors and sceneries and primarily something that I could (and would) keep for the next 10 years.



Last Saturday i bought it. The experimentation time has started!


One thought on “My new camera for capturing travel moments. A Nikon D3200

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