3000-pieces World Jigsaw Puzzle completed


Finally it is over.

After a month of extensive and sophisticated hide and seek with kids (that included hiding it under the carpet) so as not to discover it and start eating, throwing, extinguishing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, I am finally over with it.




Some details.

Title. Amazing World

Pieces 3000.

Dimensions. 116*84 cm

Way to approach. As always start with the periphery which is fairly easy to complete as it is solely composed by country flags. Still, it may be the most … frightening part because it is the first time you realise the enormous size of the puzzle, if you haven’t completed in the past a 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Once you finish with the flags then you need to slowly look for space where you will keep the different parts of the puzzle. And once you start piecing together the different parts, you just need to find a big table or carpet and keep it or hide it there. With 3-4 hours for 4-5 days per week you roughly need one month to complete it.

Level of difficulty. I would say medium because 3000 pieces on a impressionist painting might be a nightmare, but here knowing, for instance, knowing country names greatly helps. You know that Alaska is placed on the top left corner and that Japan is definitely on the East part of the puzzle. The most difficult if by far when you get to the oceans. Of course if you are a geography freak, you might complete it in less than week.

All in all. I would sincerely suggest buying it. It is fun, it is educational, it is great! GO AND GET IT!


PS. I stil have failed to find 4 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. (you can spot them on the photos)


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