Living in and conquering London for 8 years-


I was sipping my coffee slowly at Nero Café and I was staring through the huge glass walls to the glorious day outside, sketching a small plan for the day.

It was then that I realised for the first time that living in a city like London – any city – is like a relationship with a person – be it a friend, a good friend, a girlfriend.

Being with a person for a long period of time and over the time you get to meet that person much better – you get to learn more and deeper characteristics of that person. In that same way, living in a city for a long time, and provided you are a restless soul, you get to know more and hidden places and neighbourhoods. You get to see the good and bad, the ugly and beautiful, the posh and poor and gradually by summing up all these places you realise you have trully and actually seen the city.

So, i decided to piece together a chronological representation of my geographical expansion in London.

As I just could not stand still, i visited over a period of 8 years most places of the main city and managed to suck up all the vibes that all the different places and neighbourhoods around were sending out.

The experience was superb. The experience was unique!

I started close to Russell Square (International Hall), moved South to Clapham, moved further North to Kensington, moved to the East to Greenwich and after 8 years in this beautiful city I managed to grasp the true essence of the city!

Here it is!


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