Easter in Corfu


Among numerous destinations in Greece to spend Orthodox Easter, Corfu is definitely one of the top five. It was a glorious morning on Saturday when we arrived at Igoumenitsa Harbour. After a quick coffee and an even quicker and swifter process of ticket issuing, we boarded the ferry boat and set off for the island of Feakes! It took us just 1:45 minutes to reach Corfu Harbour and if it hadn’t been for our watches to remind us the date, we could not have told the difference if that was early May or July. The weather, the taxis, the tourists, the heat, the frenzy around – everything created a vivid picture of deep summer. Two days in Corfu seemed too short to appreciate the island. We did not travel the island. We did not see the city as a proper tourist should do. We did not visit any museums. We did not compose any plan. We had no guide. We just had with us travel memories from similar places/destinations – and even such memories could really enhance our ability and capacity to appreciate the island’s capital.  And it was not difficult to feel the vibes of such a lively island. For the whole two days we walked and talked. We ate and sat. We drunk and laughed. We dived in the pool and had coffee by the main square. … … … The coffee at Kanoni was just superb – seeing and almost touching the airplanes that were landing next to us, especially on Sunday, enjoying our morning coffee and appreciating with the kids the relaxed vistas before the barbarians (aka tourists-sometimes) arrived. IMG_3289 IMG_3290 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3293 IMG_3294 IMG_3295 IMG_3296 IMG_3297 IMG_3298 The walks in the alleys of the old town were so enjoyable – eating ice cream or taking photos and appreciating the architecture. Sometimes I think it is worth not bothering with names, museums, streets, history and just letting the eyes come in peace. The architecture – of Italian decent – was probably the most spectacular thing! It felt like we were in Nice, Malta, Sicily or somewhere else in Italy. It was the moment to start connecting the dots. IMG_3424 IMG_3416 IMG_3442 All different destinations were related to a common thing – the architecture – and it was one of such occasions one realises that different places, different countries, the world is after all a truly diverse place which is, though, connected in numerous ways. In such a way one synthesizes and builds up a world sensitivity and a global understanding. And this is the glory of the travelling. Walking around Liston and hanging around in the – yes – touristic, – yes – cheesy, but still of great beauty hot spot of the old city made us feel special. IMG_3323 Watching in ecstasy the myriads of people – like a swarm of bees aiming for a marvellous and colourful flower garden they just discovered – walking towards an already packed main square – and “packed” is really an understatement – to watch the religious ceremony and spectacular fireworks was something I have never experienced – and I have travelled a lot. IMG_3345 IMG_3337 Hearing so much about the pot breaking the previous days was like having already witnessed it. Exiting our balcony on Sunday morning and smelling the burned and perfectly smelling marinated lamp and seeing the horizontally placed spits spinning to get the lamps-on-spits ready for lunchtime was the perfect set for a typical rustic, traditional Greek Easter start of the day. Our two days came to an end very briskly! IMG_3454 48 hours passed pretty soon. How could not they? Still, it felt we were there more days and going back, even though physically our bodies were tired, our mental re-generation was surprisingly vivid.


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